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Fluid Sealing Catalog


Fluid Sealing Products

Sheet Rubber

Our superior materials and technology provide premium sheet rubber products. Many of our products meet ASTM standards. The preferred product for gasket cutters who are producing quality gaskets that improve equipment performance and lifespan. Other applications such as sealing, shock absorbing, and cushioning can be achieved by using our materials.


Material available:


  • Neoprene,
  • SBR,
  • Nitrile (BUNA-N),
  • White FDA compliant Nitrile,
  • Gum,
  • SBR and Neoprene-Cloth Inserted sheet,
  • Neoprene Diaphragm,
  • EPDM,
  • Peroxide-Cured EPDM,
  • Silicone and FKM Type A sheet.


Gauge thicknesses available are 1/16” thru 2” and include a variety of durometer ratings. Special orders are available.


See pages 5 to 21 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

Corrugated Rubber Matting

Used where floor protection and safety are important. Applications include industry, work-shops, locker rooms, home and office for heavy traffic areas, aisles, hard floor surfaces or as anti-fatigue matting. Backing is available in two styles, fabric impression and smooth.


See page 22 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

Gasket Material

Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet

We offer compressed non-asbestos sheet in green or blue and in a sheet or in a roll.

Compressed non-asbestos sheet provides high temperature and pressure performance. This material is designed to perform in applications involving, air, water, steam, oils, acids and general chemicals. Our rolled, non-asbestos compressed products are for applications involving water, oil, and gas. Manufactured without VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), makes it a more environmentally friendly product. Factory produced with a proprietary process to create a smooth surface finish requiring no surface prep or additional treatment prior to installation. It is easy to handle and cut, as well as far easier to remove from sealing surfaces which ultimately increases productivity. 


 See page 23- 24 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

Skirtboard Rubber

Orange Skirtboard

We offer a premium orange skirt board made for the most abusive conditions. This skirtboard offers the maximum protection in conveyor belt applications. Its high wear resistance quality improves the life of the conveyor belt system.


See page 25 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

60 Durometer Skirtboard

Manufactured to meet the demands for tough applications in abrasive and rough environments. The rubber material is well suited for use as conveyor skirting, belt wipers, blast curtains, bumpers and many other industrial applications. It is manufactured to ensure consistent gauge, width and quality.


See page 26 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog

60 Durometer Chute Lining Skirtboard

High abrasion resistant sheet for applications requiring tough, cut-resistant stock and/or vibration absorption. Used as conveyor skirting, chute liner, blast curtains, mounting pads, chassis padding and other similar applications. 


See page 27 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

Beveled Skirtboard

Premium-grade 60 durometer skirtboard with 45° beveled edge for improved sealing between belt and skirtboard. Provides superior spill control on systems handling fine materials.


See page 27 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.


80 Durometer Wiper Skirtboard

A high abrasion-resistant 80 durometer material can be used for belt wiper service, impact control and mounting pads. The manufacturing process guarantees consistent gauge, width and quality, unlike extruded products.


See page 28 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog.

Channel Rubber

Our channel rubber is used as a protective edge on shaker screens preventing metal-against-metal deterioration and absorbing shocks caused by materials falling on the screen. Can also be used in other industrial equipment applications.


See page 29 of the Fluid Sealing Products Catalog