industrial hoses

Industrial Hose Catalog

Industrial Hose Types

Petroleum Hoses
Whatever your petroleum product is, or your application, we can readily provide a quality hose when you need it. Our products can be used in petroleum, pulp/paper, oil and gas, frac, shipyards, tank trucks, waste and well service. We offer a wide variety of diameters, temperature and PSI ratings.

  • Fuel Transfer
  • Fuel Oil Delivery, bulk or assemblies
  • 100R4 Low Pressure Suction/Return
  • Oilfield Suction
  • Frac Tank, bulk or assembly
  • 200psi Oil Discharge
  • Oil Discharge Delivery, 100psi
  • Frac Blender discharge, 400psi
  • Multi-Purpose Discharge, 500psi
  • Red Corrugated and Smooth Tank Truck, 100psi and 150psi
  • Black Corrugated and Smooth Tank Truck, 150psi and 300
  • Black Heavy-Duty Corrugated Tank Truck, 500psi
  • Blue Low Temperature Corrugated Tank Truck
  • Heavy-Duty Oil Suction & Discharge, 250psi
  • Oil Suction & Discharge Assemblies, USCG approved, Built-In Flanges, 250psi
  • Petroleum Drop, Light- and Heavy-Duty, 65psi and 150psi
  • Medium-Duty Yellow and Heavy-Duty Red Vapor Recovery

See Pages 5-22 of the Industrial Hose Catalog.

Water Hose
Whether your application is irrigation, washdown, dewatering, coal preparation and utility plants; gas drilling; jetting and pump discharge; storage tank cleaning; we have your hose. Our broad variety of designs allows us to manufacture the hose to meet your need.

  • Green Heavy-Duty PVC Suction
  • Clear Heavy-Duty PVC Suction
  • Blue PVC Lay-Flat Discharge
  • Red Heavy-Duty PVC Lay-Flat Discharge
  • White Mill Discharge (Single Jacket)
  • PVC Suction & Discharge
  • Black Heavy-Duty Suction
  • Black Medium-Duty 2-Ply Discharge
  • Black Heavy-Duty 4-Ply Discharge

 Pages 23-28 of Industrial Hose Catalog.

Chemical Hose
Our chemical hoses are constructed with either a UHMW or XLPE tube providing maximum safety and protection for materials being conveyed and the environment in which they are conveyed. These tubes will handle up to 98% of all chemicals, solvents and corrosive liquids found in suction and discharge applications. They are corrugated construction for exceptional flexibility, with IDs up to 6”.

  • UHMW (blue/green)
  • XLPE (green)


See Pages 29-30 of Industrial Hose Catalog

Air Hose
General purpose or heavy duty, we have an air hose to meet your needs. Our air hoses are available in a variety of materials, reinforcements and pressure ratings from 150 to 500 PSI.

  • General Service Air and Water (red/black)
  • Multi-Purpose Air (red)
  • Push-On (black)
  • Jackhammer Air Assemblies (red)
  • Heavy Duty Air (yellow)
  • Heavy Duty Bull Hose (yellow)


See Pages 31 – 34 of Industrial Hose Catalog

Material Handling Hose
We carry a diverse line of material handling hose for abrasives, bulk transfer, vacuum and cement and concrete. Depending if your material is light/heavy-duty, dry or slurry, industrial or food grade, we have the hose for you.

  • Lightweight polyurethane – Leaf Collection
  • PVC Food Grade
  • Heavy-duty Polyurethane Food Grade
  • SBR Vacuum
  • Polyurethane Heavy-Duty Vacuum
  • Polyurethane Medium-Duty Vacuum
  • Hot Tar and Asphalt
  • Hot Air Blower
  • Dry Bulk Discharge
  • Commodity HD Discharge
  • Commodity HD Suction
  • FDA HD Commodity Suction
  • Sandblast
  • Elephant Trunk
  • Dredge Sleeve
  • Concrete – Textile
  • Concrete – Wire


See Page 35-48 of Industrial Hose Catalog.

Food and Sanitary Hose
We take great care to ensure your product comes out tasting just as great as it did going in.  Our hoses meet 3A, FDA, USDA standards, as well as many International standards to ensure secure transfer of your products.

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Milk
  • Distilled Spirits
  • PVC Food Grade Suction
  • General Purpose FDA rubber
  • Heavy Duty FDA rubber
  • Polyurethane FDA suction
  • Washdown
  • FDA Steam

See Page 49-52 of Industrial Hose catalog.


Air Hose
Our hoses can stand up to the high temperatures and high pressures found in steam service. Engineered to meet the +450F and 250 PSI. A crimped solution is available for ¾” hose. Sizes available from ½” to 3”.

  • Black wrapped cover EPDM 250 PSI

See Page 49-52 of Industrial Hose catalog.


Fittings, Couplings and Strainers
Complementing our robust line of hoses and sheet rubber products is a range of couplings, fittings, and strainers.
See page 53-59 in the Industrial Hose Catalog to round out your needs. Do not see what you need, call us.