PEX clamp

Snug-Fit PEX Clamps

This snug fit design keeps clamp in position allowing two free hands, providing an easier installation with the crimping tool.

Seamless pinch& ear clamp

Seamless Pinch and Ear Clamps

These “Tongue and Groove” clamps offer 360° seamless fastening.

stainless steel

Stainless Steel PEX Tubing & Pipe Clamps

These patented heavy duty “Tongue and Groove” clamps offer 360° seamless fastening and meet or exceed ASTM F-2098 requirements.

keystone mechanical stainless

Keystone Mechanical and Stainless Pinch Clamps

Keystone Pinch Clamps are mechanically attached and are quick and easy to install, and provide a uniform, tamper proof seal.

cv boot hose clamp

CV Boot Hose Clamp

Patented tool grip lobes on ear eliminate mis-crimps.
Patented interlock hooks provide strong, secure band joining – eliminates combacks for band failures
Adjustable – reduces inventory of sizes required
Available private labeled – provides permanent identification for tracking purposes (minimum release quantities apply)
Available as “Flats” – 62 mm and larger – reduces freight costs, eliminates tangled clamps, reduces shelf space requirements
All stainless steel construction

heavy duty seamless clamp

Everlast Heavy Duty Seamless Clamp

“New clamping technology” Murray Everlast Heavy Duty Seamless Clamp suitable for use in marine and other aggressive water and atmospheric conditions. Resists salt and bilge water, common household cleaning agents, industrial/mining elements. Also resists clamp damage resulting from brass fitting dezincification in pex plumbing systems.

Many of our Pex (PEX) and Seamless (KVGT) clamps and Keystone (KSC) offer our patented crimp lobe technology. This feature ensures that the crimping tool is properly positioned to help eliminate miscrimps . Miscrimps often lead to leaks.